Sustainability is the core of our business.

Our entire campaign is built on sustainable agricultural practices. We care about our farmers & their land. We are committed to methodical supply chain management and work continually to increase production efficiency and minimise waste and harm.

Delivering maximum yield of the best quality vegetables to our customers is our Business focus. We discover and implement the best sustainable initiatives to reduce impact of our business on nature and society. It could be soil, our people or our farmers, we work to give back to them.


Future of our business is dependent on the availability of safe, high quality  Vegetables for long term. We at GAPPL, control our supply chain & our team  makes sure we imply responsible agricultural techniques while producing our  vegetables. From training our farmers to protecting our ecosystem, we make  sure the ingredients we produce are safe & of the best quality.


  • While reducing impact to our  environment, we increase our supply  chain efficiencies.
  • Since we harvest & process vegetables  close to source, it optimises taste, colour  & retains nutrients. This also helps in  reducing transport.
  • Our method of packing, transport, water,  waste, & energy management further  increases our efficiency & backs our  sustainable approach.


We care | We value | We Respect

We value every person who are committed to  meet our customer’s need.  Our knowledgeable  people are engaged & focused on our customers.

We have comprehensive training & recruitment  programme to ensure a safe working environment.

We scan & hire the best in business.

To deliver the best ingredients to our customers,  we work parallel with our customers. Fused with  our farmers & our dedication in supply chain, we  give our customers, the best quality, healthy safe vegetables.