Agronomy is the Vein of GAPPL.

From selecting seeds, training farmers and managing supply chains, to sustainability initiatives and vegetable processing, we rely on our agronomist’s expertise.

One can notice our passion for agriculture throughout our entire operation. Our hand-picked team of agronomists offers various specialisations gained, over years of experience with the sole aim of keeping up to our quality promise to our customers.

Working parallel with our farmers, production and procurement, our agronomists have exceptional control over every procedure of the supply chain.

GAPPL Structure

  • Under our structure, our team of agronomists works with local farmers to meet customer specifications & legislative standards.
  • This approach of GAPPL gives us the ability to device products to meet our customer’s exact requirements in line with their product specification.
  • With good relationships throughout the supply chain, we work with leading seed producers to get that perfect vegetable producing plants, & our ongoing crop management programme ensures ideal growing & harvest conditions.
    • During harvest season, our team of agronomists are on spot to help farmers on crop management techniques, helping select the perfect harvest moment to processing & storage.

Farmer Training

  • GAPPL has made commitments to support & invest in our farmer circle all year round.
  • Our agronomists work parallel with our growers to share their expertise of best farming practice. They ensure the latest standards in cultivation are practiced & make sure about soil management & food safety, as well as regulatory advice.
  • Our association with various farm needs suppliers ensures the best quality crop consistently from all our farmers. Most importantly, it brings us the security of the entire supply chain, to deliver our customers, the best quality vegetables